Want To Beta Test Firestorm Armada/Planetfall?

Spartan Games logo.

Spartan Games announced on the official forums that applications are now being taken for the beta test groups for Firestorm Armada and Firestorm Planetfall. The new editions aren’t ready for beta testing just yet, but the groups are being assembled now in preparation.

Bear in mind this isn’t for those who just want to play the games early. You’ll need to commit some time and effort, and really want to help shape the Firestorm games into something awesome. The reward will be seeing the new editions in print (or as a PDF) and being able to say you helped to make them!

If you’re interested in becoming a Firestorm beta tester, have a look at the forum thread where you’ll find the application link. (It’s good for both Armada and Planetfall applications.) Good luck!