Two New Campaigns Open In The Firestorm Galaxy

Spartan Games has released the first of the community campaign packs for Firestorm Armada over on the Spartan Forums. The first set features two new fronts: The Proteus Campaign and The Chadda Offensive.

The Proteus Campaign carries on from the events in Return of the Overseers, which saw the Aquans and Directorate fighting to control Proteus Prime. The Terran and Dindrenzi forces (each with optional allies) join them in a bid to capture this part of space.

Meanwhile, in the galactic south, the Chadda Offensive focuses on the conflict between Sorylian and Relthozan forces in the Chadda systems, with the possible appearance of Terran and Dindrenzi forces along with allied fleets.

These campaigns are officially open for play from 1st March to 19th April, during which time you’ll be able to report them to Spartan for possible inclusion on the official blog.