The War Log Resumes In 3725

It’s a new year in the present (Happy New 2015!), and also a new year in the Firestorm Galaxy! The War Log, a community-based account of Firestorm Armada games, has rolled over to 3725 and the count has begun anew.

WAR LOG 3725 begins! Image credit: Zelord.

The idea is simple: after you’ve played a game of FSA, head over to the War Log 3725 thread on the Spartan Games forums and log your game (full details of how to do that are given in the thread). At the end of the year statistics will be compiled and the results of the year’s battles will be published.

Speaking of which, DerKapitan has compiled last year’s stats for all to see. The Zenian League took the overall victory, but it was close! If you’re taking part and have a Spartan forums account, be sure to add a faction banner to your signature to show support for your faction(s)!