The Road To Adepticon 2015

Adepticon logo.

There are only 50 days left until Adepticon 2015, the biggest North American wargaming expo of the year and the site of the biggest Firestorm Armada tournament so far. The Schaumberg Prime Offensive will take place on the Saturday, March 21, and currently only four places remain out of the 32 allocated for the event.

The Waygate, who are organising the tournament, have posted primer missions designed to get you up to speed with the type of scenario that will be played at the event (and, of course, you can play them even if you’re not going).

The Firebase Delta podcast has also been busy with Adepticon stuff. The guys have released two new episodes in which they talk about how they’re preparing for the big show.

Firestorm Armada is going to make a splash at this year’s Adepticon, and I personally can’t wait to see photos (and maybe even video, hint hint!) from the event. If you want one of those four places, then grab it now! Entry to the tournament is free with an Adepticon badge.