The Hub Systems Speculates On Firestorm 3.0 And Talks Taskforce

The Hub Systems podcast. Image credit: Alex Mann.

The Hub Systems has recently seen two new episodes go up. In episode 15, Alex, joined by Josh and Matt, speculate on what the third edition of Firestorm Armada might look like, and what they’d like to see changed or tweaked.

In episode 14, Alex and Oscar are joined by Fred, Josh and Nathan to talk about Firestorm Taskforce. Bear in mind that this episode was released earlier in the month, when less information was known about Taskforce. The episode is still a good listen if you can’t get enough Taskforce discussion at the moment.

There’s also the usual sections including the hobby catch-up and Hit or Miss in which the guys actually score a hit for Games Workshop! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or via the RSS feed.