Spartan Unveils December 2014 Releases

Spartan Games has revealed the release lineup for December 2014, including products for Firestorm Planetfall and Firestorm Armada.

In Planetfall wave 2, the four core factions not included in the starter set will each get a core helix box (essentially a faction starter box). In addition, the Ba’Kash aerial helix will be released, as well as a newly-announced Hawker Industries aerial helix.

Hawker Industries Aerial Helix. Photo: Spartan Games.

More information about the Dindrenzi, Terran, Relthoza and Sorylian core helixes can be found on the Spartan blog. Each box will give you more than enough models to field the minimum requirements for a core helix. If you combine two of the same box, you’ll have a fully loaded core helix.

A new product called the Commander Pack will see a release. This is a pack containing the Planetfall rulebook, as well as tokens, templates and objectives.

Planetfall Commander Pack. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Switching over to Firestorm Armada, the battle stations, first made available as part of a promotional offer last year, will be released at long last as Planetary Defence Groups. These groups bundle the stations with defence platforms, a new type of model in the game.

Dindrenzi Planetary Defence Group. Image credit: Spartan Games.

All of these new and shiny reinforcements are due to hit store shelves from December 10. Looking further ahead, word is that Planetfall wave 3 will see the release of RSN and Veydreth helixes, as well as standalone core helix boxes for the Aquans and the Directorate.