Spartan Shows Off Painted Taskforce, Updates Starters

Firestorm Taskforce Logo.

Over on their Facebook page, Spartan Games posted a small update for Firestorm Taskforce to show off some painted Directorate models from the starter set (together with the battle station, which isn’t from the set). The post describes the group as a “Recon Battle Group,” which might just be fluff, or could be a reference to the rules that we haven’t seen yet (hint hint!). You might also notice that the frigates in the photo are on bases which are smaller than usual.

Firestorm Taskforce Directorate Recon Battle Group. Photo credit: Spartan Games.

The post also announced that an extra frigate will be added to each starter, which will now contain 2 medium ships and 6 light frigates in each box. Firestorm Taskforce is still on course for release on February 24.