Spartan Reveals Planetfall Shinies For 2015

Spartan Games has revealed the first of next year’s releases for Firestorm Planetfall over on their Facebook page, including models for the Dindrenzi, Sorylians, Terrans, Aquans and that already legendary Directorate leviathan!

First up, Dindrenzi robots!

Dindrenzi Cronos Leviathan. Image: Spartan Games.

Dindrenzi Iapetus Battle Robot. Image: Spartan Games.

Dindrenzi Hyperion Leviathan and Iapetus Battle Robot. Image: Spartan Games.

Next up we have some imposing Sorylian armour.

Sorylian Heavy Armour - MK II Weapon. Image: Spartan Games.

Sorylian Sor-Ka Tank Hunter. Image: Spartan Games.

Finally, new models for the Aquan Prime, Terran Alliance and that Directorate leviathan!

Aquan Tank Destroyer. Image: Spartan Games.

Terran Heavy MK II Turret. Image: Spartan Games.

Directorate Wraith Leviathan HQ. Image: Spartan Games.

No release details have been revealed yet, but these models should make an appearance on gaming tables at some point in 2015, most likely the first few months.