Spartan Neil And BoW Talk Tabletop Halo

Beasts of War logo.

On last Saturday’s episode of The Weekender, the weekly wargaming wrap-up by Beasts of War, Spartan Games’ Neil Fawcett joined Lloyd in the studio for a look at the recently announced Halo Ground Command. They chat about what the game is like, what the two-player battle box will contain, and they also show off some models in both the game’s 15mm scale and upscaled to 28mm to show off the detail.

In addition, the Sunday pay-to-watch Weekender XLBS show brought Neil back to talk about Halo Fleet Battles and where that’s going. Among the images shown was this one of the forthcoming MAC platforms with ships docked to them.

MAC platforms for Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Spartan Games.

The Sunday interview also revealed a new fighter-based game in the SG Halo range. It’ll be included with the upcoming fighter token upgrades, which were also revealed (but not shown) in the interview. It won’t be a full-on game like Fleet Battles, but just a fun little extra game to add more value to the fighter token box.

Lots of cool stuff is in the pipeline for Halo on the tabletop!