Spartan Launches Community Campaign Set 2

Spartan Games logo.

Over on the Spartan Games forums, Spartan Alex has launched the second community campaign set for Firestorm Armada. The new set features three scenarios and a couple of new campaign rules.

First up is a scenario that any faction except the Pathogen can take part in, and involves the Alliance and the League racing to capture an alien artifact. The second scenario focuses on the Aquans, the Directorate and their respective allies as they fight for supremacy in the Ibsadyr system. Finally, the third scenario follows on from the Chadda Offensive as the Sorylians try to stop Relthozan ships that slipped past them into the Panthuk system.

The new campaign rules allow Aquan full frigate squadrons to substitute a frigate for a cruiser, and Dindrenzi frigate squadrons to field up to 4 frigates instead of the usual 3. A short Q&A also accompanies the campaign notes.