Spartan Games To Produce Halo Miniatures Games

Last week, Spartan Games changed their logo to this, in anticipation of a big announcement to follow:

Spartan Games "H" logo.

Well, today that announcement was made. Spartan Games has entered into a partnership with Microsoft to produce tabletop miniatures games based on the Halo franchise.

UNSC Battlegroup Leviathan. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Battlegroup Fleet of Valiant Prudence. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Congratulations to Spartan on securing the licence! As a fan of the Halo games I can’t wait to see what this new partnership brings! Also, note that the announcement mentions “games”, in the plural. The spaceships won’t be all we see from the UNSC and the Covenant!

Edit: Neil from Spartan Games answered a few questions about the game in the Spartan forums:

Hi Folks,

I thought I would answer a few questions on the forum to help us all acclimatise to the exciting news that we will be working with Microsoft to design tabletop games for the phenomenon that is Halo.

So, here goes:

1) The IP for Halo is owned by Microsoft. Spartan Games’ role is to work with the Halo team to bring the stunning imagery of the Halo Universe to the tabletop.

2) Spartan Games owns the IP for Firestorm Armada, Firestorm Planetfall, Dystopian Wars, Dystopian Legions, Uncharted Seas and so on. These are game settings we are very proud of and this thrilling new development will not impact our existing plans for any of our games.

3) One of the questions raised, was that of manufacturing capacity. Halo is a game that is being realised in plastics, and we are proud to say that it will be manufactured in the United Kingdom. This external manufacturing process will ensure that our resin and pewter manufacturing will not be adversely affected.

4) As to whether our Halo games and other Spartan products can work together is not an issue. They are distinct gaming products that use their own rule set and mechanics – they are not designed to operate together because they exist in two completely different science fiction genres.

5) We have been working on the Halo project with Microsoft since early 2014 and have been careful to factor in its release schedule to complement the release schedules of our other games. Indeed, look out for many more announcements regarding existing and new products directly from Spartan Games.

Rest assured that we will be working on all of our games over the coming years, and we are hugely excited to be given the opportunity to work with Microsoft as bring such an exciting Universe to the gaming table.

Spartan Neil