Spartan Games Launches Modular Terrain Kickstarter

Spartan Games has launched a Kickstarter project for an ambitious new line of Spartan Scenics multi-material modular terrain, intended to be the only system you need to build pretty much any type of building you want at any scale.

Excerpt from the Spartan Games modular terrain building guide.

The pledges in this kickstarter will get you terrain scaled for 28mm miniatures, but eventually scenery packs will go on sale (assuming that the kickstarter is successful) that will let you build terrain at any scale, including 10mm and 15mm. Additionally, the £175k stretch goal is for 10-15mm resin kits.

The blog post includes a terrain building guide PDF that explains some of the ways in which you can use the terrain system.

The kickstarter needs £80,000 to successfully fund. Will you be pledging?