Spartan Games Highlights Heroes, Commanders And Big Ships

Spartan Games logo.

Spartan Games has posted a couple of new blog posts on the official website, directing the spotlight back to Halo Fleet Battles.

First up, Spartan’s Neil Fawcett and 343’s Ken Peters discuss the new massive ships that will release on November 25, the UNSC Punic-class supercarrier and the Covenant CAS Assault Carrier. They go over how the ships sit in Halo canon and what they’re capable of in the game.

After that is a look at some new hero and commander busts that will be releasing soon, including Xytan ‘Jar Watinree, the Minister of Etiology, and Lord Hood. Interestingly, the article says that the busts will release as packs for each faction. Might we see Cortana, who is mentioned in the article, in the UNSC pack?

It’s always nice to see more content on the Spartan blog!