Spartan Games Explains Planetfall Helixes

Spartan Games has begun a new series of blog posts about the inner workings of Firestorm Planetfall. The first post focuses on helixes, which are literally the building blocks of a Planetfall army.

A game of Firestorm Planetfall is played using what we call Battle Groups. In turn a Battle Group is made up of Helixes, and at the heart of each Battle Group is what we call the CORE HELIX. It is this Core Helix that you can then wrap other Helixes around, and these are known as Attached Helixes.

It’s great that Spartan is taking the time to do this, especially since it might help to bring on board those who have decided to adopt a “wait and see” approach before investing in the new Firestorm game. The next article will focus on how to create Battle Groups in Planetfall.