Spartan Games Announces Planetfall Deals For March

Spartan Games has announced some Planetfall deals, among others, for the month of March. The first of the deals lets you grab two core helix boxes, which makes up one full core helix if for the same faction, for £64 ($96), which is 20% off. There’s also a free printed Planetfall rulebook for any order of £50 ($75) or more as long as most of the items in your cart are Planetfall items.

Fancy all six core helices? There’s a deal for that, too, although it does cost £200 ($301), so maybe that’s one for a group of friends or a club (or a wealthy individual!). You do get six helices for the price of five, though.

All six core helices for Planetfall. Image credit: Spartan Games.

So much shiny!

Finally, for those who jumped in with Battle for Proteus Prime and want more Aquans and Directorate, you can grab a core helix double pack (double helix?) including the fishmen and the hypercapitalists for £64.

Check out the blog post and the deals page on the store for more information and to throw some money at Spartan if an offer sounds good. The offers will remain available until March 31st.

(Neither Fleet Signal nor Spartan Games will be responsible for any trauma caused to your wallet, nor for any irrational action your wallet might take, including but not limited to leaving you for another pocket.)