Spartan Games Announces Halo: Ground Command

Spartan Games has, at long last, revealed the name of the Halo ground game. It’s called Halo: Ground Command.

Halo Ground Command logo.

Spartan Games is pleased to announce that the much anticipated Halo: Ground Command tabletop wargame, which is set in the hugely popular Halo Universe, will be shipping in Summer 2016.

The game will be made in 1:100th scale (aka 15mm), and will feature plenty of iconic Halo vehicles including Pelicans, Scarabs and Phantoms, as well as troops such as ODST, Grunts and Elites.

Check out the announcement for the details, and look out for Halo: Ground Command at Salute 2016 in London next month. If you can’t make it to Salute, rest assured Fleet Signal (as well as many others, I’m sure) will be there with a camera and plenty of SD cards.