Spartan Discusses Feedback For Future Firestorm

Spartan Games logo.

Spartan Games has published part 2 in a series of blog posts about the recent development survey they ran (part 1 was about the Dystopian franchise). The post covers feedback from the survey, and mostly focuses on the number one response which was that Spartan should release new models for their games.

The posts also mentions some upcoming developments for Firestorm, including Planetfall 2.0 and Armada 3.0, as well as more focus on the narrative for each game. It also reveals that the RSN and Hawker Industries will be “the first two Alliances to be fleshed out to operate as a Core Force” in Planetfall, appearing as part of more flexible helix building rules in 2.0.

The Halo games are absent from this post, but will be covered in their own post in due time.