Spartan Aims To Show Love With Books


Because of a certain love-related day coming up this weekend, Spartan Games has decided to share the love with a couple of book deals. Up first is the Halo Fleet Battles rulebook available as a separate purchase. This is something that is frequently requested and now you can grab a copy direct from Spartan for £10.

Also because of that Saint Valentine guy, you can pick up the hardcover Firestorm Armada books from the online store in a bundle for £25. The hardcover rules are still relevant to the game (although you’ll need the FAQ). Meanwhile, the Fleet Guides, while having some outdated ship stats, have extra background and named fleets to peruse through. Check out the FS flick-throughs of the rules, the Kurak fleet guide, and the Zenian fleet guide to see what they’re like.

These deals look like they’ll be available over the lovefest weekend only, although it’d be nice if they were to stay put for longer!