Slayer Gaming To Host Grand Planetfall Gaming Day

Slayer Gaming logo.

On Saturday, October 3rd, Slayer Gaming in Mansfield, England, will host a Planetfall gaming day with a bit of a twist. The event will start at around 10.30 and will run until late afternoon. Entry is free and you can bring any size of army as long as it’s game-legal.

Games will proceed as normal until a given game reaches turn 3, the adjacent game is on turn 2, and your Zero Hour Tracker is at half its starting value. At that point, models from your table can be moved to the adjacent table and can influence that game! Battles will be won or lost as alliances (Kurak or Zenian) with each individual battle contributing to their side’s effort.

This promises to be a fun day of blowing up tanks, spiders, skimmers and infantry on a huge scale in what is an excellent game. Check out the forum thread for the complete event rules, and get your list together. You’re burning in!