September Spartan Sci-Fi Pre-Orders Appear

Spartan Games logo.

Pre-orders for September releases have appeared in the Spartan Games store. On the sci-fi side of things, Halo Fleet Battles is getting more expansions to the starter box, as well the first official accessory pack (if you don’t count the dice pack).

First up, the UNSC Fleet Box, which doesn’t have any new ships, but does have Cortana and Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood.

UNSC Fleet Box for Halo Fleet Battles.

Next, we have the counterpart Covenant Fleet Box, with more of the initial ships as well as Xytan ‘Jar Wattinree and the Minister of Etiology.

Covenant Fleet Box for Halo Fleet Battles.

Finally, the acrylic Battle Group ID and Token Pack.

Battle Group ID and Token Pack for Halo Fleet Battles.

The timing of the fleet boxes may seem a bit weird (some think that they should have been released first then the core upgrades afterwards), but the release schedule is what it is. These products are scheduled for release on September 30.