Schaumburg Prime Offensive Receives Official Status

Adepticon logo.

SeerK has announced on The WayGate that Spartan Games has sanctioned the Schaumburg Prime Offensive, which will take place at Adepticon 2016, to be the official 2016 Firestorm Armada North American Championship tournament. It’s great to see the work that the guys have put into this pay off with an official nod, part of which includes prize support that Spartan has sent over.

The post also contains updates on sponsors as well as information on how to legally field Taskforce ships in Armada fleets for the event, so if you’re participating in the tournament then definitely check it out!

The Firestorm Armada tournament will take place on April 2, and the Planetfall tournament as well as a Learn To Play Firestorm Armada class will take place on April 1.