Results From The Battle At Omicron Theta

This past weekend saw Firestorm Armada action over in the US as 10 determined admirals gathered at U-CON in Michigan to fight the Battle at Omicron Theta.

The Waygate, hosts of the tournament, has posted the tournament results as well as the spot prize winners over on the blog. The top three players were:

1st place: Dave Wangen (Works Raptor/OSO Corsairs)
2nd Place: Matt Johnson (Sorylians/Veydreth)
3rd Place: Steve Krohn (Hawker Industries)

The post also features some nice photos from the event, including this example of why Relthozan shunting is super effective!

A 20 inch Relthozan shunt move! Photo: The Waygate.

Check out the blog post for more on what went down at the tournament, as well as more photos. Congrats to The Waygate and all involved for a successful tournament. Next stop, Adepticon!