Recon Helices, Infantry Upgrades, New FSA Ships Due In May

Spartan Games has announced new Recon helices and Infantry Upgrade Packs for Firestorm Planetfall, and new ships for Firestorm Armada.

The Recon helices feature new units for the factions battling across the Firestorm Galaxy, including APCs (at last!) for the Aquans, field guns for the Dindrenzi, and mechs for the Terrans.

Terran Alliance Recon Helix. Image credit: Spartan Games.

The Light Infantry Upgrade boxes are not helices in their own right but, as the name suggests, are upgrades for existing helices. So, for example, if you need more infantry for your core helix, but don’t want to buy another core helix, you can buy a Light Infantry Upgrade box instead. Everyone needs more Nyx in their lives, don’t they?

Dindrenzi Federation Infantry Upgrade Pack. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Finally, new Firestorm Armada ships have been announced for Works Raptor and Hawker Industries. Works Raptor will get new destroyers and battlecuisers, first hinted at in the Zenian League fleet guide, while Hawker will receive a carrier group to give them some additional SRS punch alongside their already brutal guns.

Hawker Industries Regent Class carrier group. Image Credit: Spartan Games.

All of this new and shiny stuff will be available from May 27th. Thanks to The WayGate for the heads-up.