Recently In The Firestorm Community…

Here are some recent things that you might have missed from the Firestorm community.

Mann’s Model Moments

Alex Mann recently posted some unboxings on his blog, Mann’s Model Moments, featuring the new Tarakian fleet box, as well as the Ba’Kash fleet box and cruiser box.

He also gave Planetfall some love not so long ago with a couple of articles on how to quickly paint a Terran Valkyrie and a Dindrenzi Dagger. You’ll also find a comparison of old (Studio Sparta) and new Planetfall vehicles, for those of you lucky enough to have the veteran units.

Slayer Gaming

Slayer Gaming has been busy on YouTube with a series of quick battle reports featuring 800-point Firestorm Armada fleets. Check out the Directorate vs Terrans, Ba’Kash vs Terrans and Directorate vs Aquans fighting it out in the Storm Zone.