Recently In The Community…

Terran commander art by Kameliya Minkova.

A lot of stuff has happened recently in the Spartan sci-fi community. Here’s a quick roundup of things you might have missed.

First up, Rich at Rolling Crits posted some thoughts after playing his first few games of Halo Ground Command. He also posted a couple of scenarios for HGC based on Halo 5.

Next, The WayGate updated with news about next year’s North American Firestorm Armada Championship at Adepticon 2017. The event is expanding, most notably to a 2-day format, and looks like a must for FSA players who are able to make it over to the show.

After becoming much like his namesake and disappearing for a while, ONI-S3 has resurfaced with some new Halo-based videos on his YouTube channel. So far he has covered what to do before you start painting miniatures, a look at the Paris frigates in Halo Fleet Battles, and some thoughts on paint consistency.

Eclipse Fleet is a new Firestorm Armada blog that has kicked off with several interesting posts including some great fan-fiction and a new player’s guide to Firestorm Armada. This blog is definitely one to subscribe to and keep an eye on if you’re an FSA player.

The Meeples and Miniatures podcast interviewed Neil Fawcett of Spartan Games a few weeks ago and posted the interview, as well as a roundup of this year’s Historicon, in episode 175. You can listen on the web page but I recommend subscribing as it’s always a great listen.

Sticking with Halo interviews for a moment, Gamer Goggles posted an interview with Derek Sinclair, lead designer of Halo Ground Command, and a demo game of Halo Ground Command on their YouTube channel. The interview is informative, and the demo game will get you up to speed with the basics of how HGC plays.

Finally, you might not have heard of Kameliya Minkova before, but she’s a talented artist who has posted some art for future Halo and Firestorm commander cards on her Artstation page. Both Jul ‘Mdama and Andrew Del Rio represent for Halo, while several Terran, Dindrenzi, and Directorate commanders can be seen from the Firestorm Galaxy.

Phew! I did say that a lot of stuff has happened recently!