Recent Firestorm Videos On YouTube

The Firestorm community is really starting to pickup on YouTube, with a steady stream of new videos posted recently.

D6Damager is a new channel which currently has a couple of unboxing videos featuring the Veydreth alliance fleet and the Veydreth gunship group.

Die Grüne Horde has uploaded unboxings in English of the Terran and Relthoza core helices for Planetfall, as well as a Let’s Paint video in German for the Aquan Lamana medium skimmer, a Terran vs Dindrenzi Planetfall battle report in English, and an unboxing in German of the Sorylian and Relthozan Planetary Defence Groups for Armada.

Finally, Pete Fontebasso from Element 270 has posted an unboxing of the Terran core helix for Planetfall.

That’s a lot to get stuck into!

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