Play Halo Fleet Battles In Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator (TTS) in an application, available on Steam, which lets you play tabletop games on a computer, both offline and online. Thanks to the work of Onearmy, Halo Fleet Battles has now joined the many TTS modules available on the Steam Workshop, allowing us to play it over the internets.

Halo Fleet Battles in Tabletop Simulator. Image credit: Onearmy.

It’s still early days for the module, so it only features a small selection of ships plus their formations, and a few commanders and heroic characters including Cortana. It’s more than enough to get started with, though. Also, you’ll need a physical copy of the rulebook to play because the module is unscripted, so there’s no game logic (it won’t step through a turn for you).

Enabling online play of tabletop games always helps in some way with adoption of that game, and hopefully the HFB module for TTS will be no different. Check it out if you have TTS, and be sure to leave some feedback in the comments on the module’s workshop page.