Planetfall War Log 3725 Results Transmitting Now

The results of the Firestorm Planetfall War Log 3725 (aka the results for 2015) are in!

Planetfall War Log 3725 results. Image credit: Kraggi.

Big thanks to Kraggi on the Spartan forums for collating and posting the data. So, while the Kurak Alliance won in space, the Zenian League took home the spoils on the ground. Congrats, Zenian commanders!

The Planetfall War Log has already begun for 3726. As always, the idea is to record your (Kurak vs Zenian) game results in the thread so that an overall winner can be found at the end of the year. There is also the customary Chat Log 3726 thread for discussion of this year’s War Log. Good hunting, commanders!

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