Planetfall ORBATs Updated To V2.0

Spartan Games has updated the ORBATs (Orders of Battle) for Firestorm Planetfall ahead of the release of the Firepower Leviathan helices in March. The new PDFs contain updated stats for the core 6 factions plus their allies, and now have stats for the Terran, Dindrenzi and Directorate Firepower Leviathans in their respective ORBATs.

A new printer-friendly version of the Planetfall rulebook was also released, swapping the white on black look for a more ink-friendly black on white design. The actual content of the book is the same as the previously-released PDF.

The new ORBATs and the “white rulebook” can be downloaded from the Planetfall section of the Spartan Games Downloads page. The rest of this post contains the changes to the ORBATs.

Kratos: CQB increased from 4 to 5
Gorgos: Gains “Hit and Run”
Eris: Ballista Rail Gun EF AD increased from 6 to 7
Circe: Points reduced from 120 to 115
Damocles MkII Sky Pod: TV increased from 0 to 1
Nyx: ‘Breacher Team Bases’ upgrade cost increased from 10 to 15 points

Rense System Navy
Temple of Dramos: Points increased from 175 to 200; Clamare Missiles LR AD increased from 8 to 9
Archangel: Points increased from 315 to 320; CQB changed from 6/12 to 7/14
Seraph: Points decreased from 60 to 55

Desolator: SH increased from 2 to 3
Casigator: Heavy Pacifier Plasma Cannon LR AD increased from 10 to 12
Retaliator: Diligence Plasma Cannon EF increased from 12″/6AD to 12″/7AD
Patriot: Class changed from Shock Infantry to Light Infantry; Gun Team cost increased from 10 to 15 points; rule added for Grand Companies

Works Raptor
GX-74 Witch: DR increased from 5+4 to 5+5
LS-6 Crone: Buy-Out Concussion Blasters EF range increased from 10″ to 12″; SH increased from 0 to 1

Vidar: SH reduced from 4 to 3
Heimdal: Points increased from 105 to 110
Ullr MkII: Points increased from 90 to 95
Hirdmen: “Gun team base” upgrade capacity increased from 0-2 to 0-3; points reduced from 10 to 5

Hawker Industries
Sheriff: Swift Spear Missiles ER AD increased from 12 to 16, LR AD increased from 8 to 10; can now shoot ground and flying units after a Flat Out move
Guardsman: CQB increased from 2 to 3; TV decreased from 5 to 4

Huk’ka: Points reduced from 240 to 225
Bor’ka: Cruise Move distance reduced from 8″ to 6″
Sor’ka: Points increased from 120 to 140
Bol’vak Points increased from 105 to 120
Kul’vok Points increased from 55 to 60

Haumea: Additional rule about Target Lock removed to reflect changes to Target Lock wording in the updated PDF rulebook
Imzani: Maelstrom Pulse Cannons EF increased from 10″/4AD to 12″/5AD; points increased from 60 to 65
Locatu: Gains “Hit and Run” MAR

Iophon: May fire Rushed Main Ordnance shots at surface models while moving Flat Out

Salamas: Aurelia Shard Cannon EF AD increased from 10 to 11, LR AD increased from 8 to 9
Namisc: Points Reduced from 50 to 45

Novian: Shriek Cannons EF reduced from 10″/16AD to 8″/12AD, LR reduced from 20″/6AD to 16″/6AD; Dual Dirge Missiles EF reduced from 12″/8AD to 10″/8AD; DR reduced from 9+7+5 to 7+6+5
Varuko: Dirge Missiles EF reduced from 12″ to 10″; DR reduced from 5+4 to 4+4

All factions
Faction rules: “Command Points” wording changed to “Logistics Points”

Thanks to Hannibal and Commander Drakere on the Spartan Forums for the heads-up on the Terran stats, and Hugeonic for the Sorylian changes.