Planetfall ORBATs Updated To 6.0, Now Available

Firestorm Planetfall logo.

It’s been a long time coming, but version 6.0 of the Firestorm Planetfall ORBATs are now available. The ORBATs have been redesigned so that an image of each model accompanies its stats, and faction rules have been moved to tables that are easier to interpret.

Terran Odin-class leviathan for Firestorm Planetfall.

Most importantly, the stats themselves have been updated, and over on the Spartan forums, grimdan, a member of the Planetfall Focus Group, has posted a 6.0 changelog for each of the factions: Aquan, Dindrenzi, Directorate, Relthoza, Sorylian and Terran. In addition, the stats for the assault helices are included in this release.

This is a long-awaited release and is sure to stir up discussion in the community as well as bring fresh army lists to gaming tables. The ORBATs are all available from the Spartan Games downloads page as usual, in the Planetfall section.