Planetfall ORBATs Now Available

Spartan Games has released the ORBATs (Orders of Battle) for Planetfall, containing all of the unit stats you’ll need to field currently available models for the 6 core factions and their allied helixes. The ORBATs are available as downloadable PDFs and are being hosted remotely for now (presumably to lessen the initial strain on Spartan’s site) while being linked from the Downloads page.

Planetfall ORBAT Pages.

The ORBATs have already generated a fair amount of discussion on social media and on the Spartan forums about what each faction has and what it can do. It’s important to note that each ORBAT is a living document and currently only covers a relatively small number of units. As new units are released, the ORBATs will be updated accordingly.

The core helixes for the Dindrenzi, Relthoza, Sorylian and Terran factions are due for release on December 10, along with recon helixes for the Ba’Kash and Hawker Industries.

[Note: The ORBATs are now available from the Downloads page on the Spartan Games website. The link in this post has been changed accordingly.]