Planetfall In 40 Tournament Results

Dindrenzi at Planetfall In 40. Photo credit: Dan Bird.

The results from last weekend’s Planetfall In 40 tournament have been posted on Facebook. The event was held at The Outpost in Sheffield, England, and ten commanders battled over three rounds of fierce ground combat, but in the end there could only be one winner. For those not on FB, the results were as follows:

1st place: Andrew Wells (Directorate) 10 TP 140 TV (bloodiest general)
2nd place: Eric Sauvage (Dindrenzi) 9 TP 71 TV
3rd place: Robin Everett (Aquans) 7 TP 130 TV
4th place: Ian Duff (Terrans) 7 TP 77 TV (best painted)
5th place: Craig Batterbee (Sorylians) 7 TP 36 TV
6th place: Chris Daubney (Dindrenzi) 6 TP 85 TV
7th place: Dan Bird (Dindrenzi) 6 TP 56 TV
8th place: James Wilson (Directorate) TP 47 TV
9th place: Cliffton Bailey (Directorate) 2 TP 56 TV
10th place: Phillip L Barrett (Terrans) 2 TP 29 TV

(TP: Tournament Points. TV: Total Tactical Value destroyed).

Congrats to the top 3, and indeed to everyone who took part and made the event a success! Check out the UK Planetfall Community on Facebook for photos and discussion of the event.