ODST, Elite Ultras, Daedalus Station Scheduled For Feb

Spartan Games has announced the February 2017 slate of releases, covering Firestorm Armada and Halo Ground Command (along with Dystopian Wars).

Firestorm Armada will see the introduction of the Daedalus Space Station, which ties into the Flashpoint Amber campaign published late last year. The station comes complete with three Fold Space Beacons which have previously featured in the Firestorm narrative.

Daedalus Space Station for Firestorm Armada. Image credit: Spartan Games.

The new additions for Halo Ground Command are the long-awaited ODST Air Assault Unit for the UNSC, and the Covenant Elite Ultras.

UNSC ODST Air Assault Unit. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Covenant Elite Ultra Unit. Image Credit: Spartan Games.

There’s also news of new ships coming down the pipe later in the year for Halo Fleet Battles, including the Autumn-class cruiser, and the Blockade Runner corvette seen in Halo 5. In addition, new stuff for the Firestorm games is due to be shown at Adepticon in late March.

All of the new February shinies are currently on pre-order, and although a release date isn’t explicitly mentioned, Spartan Games products usually ship on the last Wednesday of the month, so Feb 22nd is a good bet.