New Reinforcements Unveiled for Halo Fleet Battles

Spartan Games logo.

Over the weekend, Spartan Games revealed a couple of new ships for Halo Fleet Battles: the Orion-class Assault Carrier for the UNSC, and the RCS-class Armoured Cruiser for the Covenant.

Orion-class carrier and RCS-class cruiser for Halo Fleet Battles. Image credit: Spartan Games.

More images of the ships can be seen in the Halo gallery over on Spartan’s Facebook page. Halo Waypoint also chipped in with a new Canon Fodder article that has some background information on the new ships.

The Orion and the RCS will be made from resin with pewter drop-ons and will be sold as packs of four per box, together with a sprue of plastic frigates or corvettes and the usual stats sheets and tokens. They’ll start shipping from February 24th and can be pre-ordered now from the Spartan Games store.