More Planetfall Revealed On Facebook

Spartan Games has been busily updating their Facebook page recently with more Firestorm Planetfall previews. Check out these close-ups of the Terran and Dindrenzi leviathans, a trio of Aquan hover tanks, and a Terran Forward Observation Base and associated army!

Terran Leviathan. Photo: Spartan Games.

Dindrenzi Leviathan. Photo: Spartan Games.

Aquan Prime "Tank Trio". Photo: Spartan Games.

Terran Alliance Forward Observation Base. Photo: Spartan Games.

There has been some concern in the community that the leviathans will dominate the battlefield, turning Planetfall into a game of “my robot is bigger than yours”. Spartan assures us that won’t be the case.

We’ve put a lot of work into the infantry, the logic being that as cool as the big armour is, it is the infantry that has to do the dirty work and clear bunkers, hold objectives and, when the job calls for it, take out the armour!

Planetfall looks better and better the more that Spartan reveals of it! The rumblings seem to suggest that it’s due for release very soon.