More Planetfall Eye Candy And A New Directorate Unit

Over the weekend, a couple of the Spartan guys faced off in Planefall with Relthozan, Sorylian, Aquan and Directorate forces. Photos were taken, and were uploaded to the Spartan Games page on Facebook!

Terran Leviathan with support force. Photo: Spartan Games.

A Relthozan sneakily photobombs the Sorylians. Photo: Spartan Games.

The Relthoza take some time for a photo op. Photo: Spartan Games.

Some Planetfall terrain was shown off, stacked impressively high!

Planetfall terrain, and lots of it! Photo: Spartan Games.

A new Directorate unit was given a test run in the weekend’s games.

This is a Directorate Drone Flyer that can launch from its tracked chassis and perform a Cyberattack on an enemy unit. But the best bit is that the Flyer and its chassis is attached to the new Directorate Tank Killer unit we have designed. Quite a nasty pairing up. More about the Directorate units coming up soon.

A Directorate Drone Flyer gets a test run. Photo: Spartan Games.

It shouldn’t be too long until we can all gets our hands on these awesome models. Wave 1 of Planetfall releases will drop in later this month on October 22, and all signs point to a wave 2 announcement this month as well.