More Firestorm Taskforce Intel Emerges

Firestorm Taskforce Logo.

Spartan Games has been ramping up the previews in the run-up to Firestorm Taskforce’s release on February 24th. Two new images have been posted on the Facebook page, showing off the Dindrenzi and Sorylian recon battle groups in painted form.

Firestorm Taskforce Dindrenzi Recon Battle Group. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Firestorm Taskforce Sorylian Recon Battle Group. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Also, over on the Spartan forums, Spartan Neil battled through his cold (get well soon!) to post an update with some more information on what Taskforce is and isn’t. In the post, he revealed that the Terrans will get a new Armada battleship that can turn into a battle carrier, embracing the same sort of modular design seen in Taskforce. He also made quite a few references to FSA 3.0, so make of that what you will!