MiniWars Adds Halo Fleet Battles To Player Finder

MiniWars logo.

MiniWars is a multi-wargame player finder, club finder, blog host and photo gallery that lets people share their hobby as well as find others who play the same game as they do. Today, the website added Halo Fleet Battles to the already large amount of games that players can tag their profiles with as a player of that game.

Firestorm Armada is already catered for on MiniWars, and maybe if enough people bug them on Facebook, Planetfall could be added, too. The more people who join the site the more useful it becomes, so why not sign up for a free profile?

A good tip is to put your country or state after your city or town in the “Town” box if you sign up, as that is what will be displayed. For example, “London, UK” or “New York City, NY” and so on.

Thanks to Dan and Jimmy in the HFB Facebook group for the heads-up.