Make A Difference To The Storm Zone Conflict!

Over on the Firestorm Armada Admirals group on Facebook, Alex Mann (aka Spartan Alex) has revealed how Firestorm Armada players will be able to sway the direction of the war by playing.

This is your chance as part of the Firestorm Armada community to make the difference! Over the course of the year we will be releasing campaign areas for you to fight your friends over, report the results to us and actually affect the direction of the conflict! These campaigns will typically run for around 6-8 weeks, the first of which will start in the coming weeks.

To qualify, play one of the 6 standard scenario games (at any points level) with valid Zenian vs Kurak fleets (detailed in the individual campaign sets), and produce a battle report for your game – including fleet lists, pictures, written narrative and final Battlelog scores. Send this report to alex AT After the campaign finishes, the final overall results of the conflict will be published in a Blog, together with highlights from the best battle reports.

Along with the call for artists, it seems that Spartan is putting more emphasis on trying to define the background of the Firestorm Galaxy, which is great! More information on the campaign sets should be available soon.

(Note: The “@” symbol in Alex’s email address was changed to “AT” in this news story to protect it from spambots.)

Edit: Alex also posted a thread in the Spartan Forums with more information.