Major Update For Firestorm Armada Battlescribe Files

Battlescribe logo.

Battlescribe is a great way to create fleet lists for Firestorm Armada, speeding up the process and also making fleet lists look nice. steve_990, the maintainer of the FSA repository, has just completed a major rewrite of the FSA data files, with the intention of making future updates easier to include. Here’s what has changed:

  • Added ship designations to all profiles (i.e. Battleship, Frigate, etc…)
  • Reworked weapons to contain Category (i.e. Beam, Nuclear, etc…)
  • Reworked weapons to show the selected MARs next to the specified weapon (i.e. Precision Strike, Corrosive, etc…)
  • Reworked weapons to show the arc in a seperate field, not in the name of the weapon.
  • Changed the names of the weapons to be more generic (i.e. Maelstrom_Weapon_I, Maelstrom_Weapon_II, etc…) as most of the added data points above are now clear and in their own columns
  • Changed the names of both weapons and ship profiles to ONLY include the latest model variant. This is to cut down on redundancies in future releases. For example a change in Terran Cruisers used to mean going and changing three different entries – now we can just change one. This should reduce time to update future releases and reduce potential mistakes.
  • As only the most current ships and weapons are named in profiles, the older variants are still in Battlescribe, but now indicate (Uses Profile X Below) where X is the most current version.
  • Added new ships for Firestorm Taskforce / Firestorm Reinforcements.

If you have Battlescribe (it’s a free download!), simply copy the big “Firestorm Armada” link on the data files page and add that as a new repository in Battlescribe. Thanks to Steve for his hard work that makes our lives a bit easier.