KR Multicase Adds Custom Halo Foam To Their Range

KR Multicase logo.

KR Multicase, producer of gaming bags and custom foam for miniatures, has announced a new range of foam trays customised for Halo Fleet Battles. Two trays each are available for the UNSC and the Covenant.

UNSC foam trays for Halo Fleet Battles. Photo credit: KR Multicase.

Both factions have a set of trays that will fit the entire Fall of Reach starter set plus a few extra Paris frigates or SDV Heavy Corvettes. Additionally, for a little more money, you can buy a set that will hold the starter ships plus the contents of the Large Battle Group and Core Battle Group upgrades. Individual, smaller trays are also available.

The trays are available now in a variety of colours, either on their own or together with a case.