Initial Halo Ground Command Product Art Revealed

Yesterday, Spartan Games revealed the rulebook cover and starter set box art for Halo Ground Command over on their Facebook page. In case you missed it, or just have a dislike of Facebook (and many wouldn’t blame you!), they look like this.

Halo Ground Command rulebook art. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Halo Ground Command 2-Player Set box art. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Those are some classy looking bits of paper and cardboard. It looks like the size of the starter box will be more in line with Spartan’s other starter kits, eschewing the huge Xbox-sized box that Halo Fleet Battles initially shipped in.

Halo Ground Command will begin shipping on July 20 and, all things being well, should be at your FLGS from July 27 onwards. If you’re looking forward to the game but your FLGS doesn’t have plans to order it in, then ask them to!