Incoming Terquai, Xelocians, Ground Attack Helices!

Spartan Games logo.

Spartan Games has announced the October batch of releases, all of which focus on the Firestorm Galaxy!

After a lull over the summer, Firestorm Armada releases are back on the schedule with new boxes for the Terquai and the Xelocians. Each of these alliance factions will get a patrol fleet as well as expansion boxes!

Terquai Patrol Fleet. Immage credit: Spartan Games.

Xelocian Imperium Patrol Fleet. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Check out the announcement for images of the other ships, including, at long last, the Resulka-class dreadnought for the Terquai!

On the ground side of things, Planetfall will get Ground Attack helices, following on from the recently-released Aerial Interceptor helices. Each of the core 6 will get reinforcements to let them to punch through enemy lines from the air.

Terran Alliance Ground Attack Helix. Image Credit: Spartan Games.

Again, head over to the announcement for pics of the other 5 helices. All of this new and shiny stuff is due for release on October 28.