Halo Ground Command Dropships Pre-Order

Spartan Games has announced that the UNSC Pelican and the Covenant Phantom Dropships for Halo Ground Command are now available to pre-order. They’re large and expensive resin models, coming in at £75 each, but it’s important to note that the model is not needed to play that ship in-game (a template can be used instead). However, if you’ve got to have one, you’ll be able to get one!

First up, the UNSC Pelican, first shown off in model form at Salute 2016 where it got a fair bit of attention. This model is over 12 inches in length. It’s large!

UNSC Pelican dropship for Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

On the Covenant side, we have the Phantom dropship. This one hasn’t been seen in public yet, although no doubt it’s going to be just as big and weighty as its UNSC counterpart.

Covenant Phantom dropship for Halo Ground Command. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Each model will come with an ownership certificate, further alluding to their collectible nature as well as being game pieces. They’ll also be bundled with additional “factional miniatures” although it isn’t clear what those will be.

Check out the product pages for more images including a size comparison to an Xbox controller. The model designs are still pending final review and signoff from 343, but given that they’re built from in-game models, they probably won’t change too drastically. The release date is also up in the air at this point.