Halo Ground Command Dropships Moved To September

Covenant Phantom dropship. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Over on the Book of Faces, Spartan Games has posted an update on the Halo Ground Command dropships that were supposed to start shipping this month.

Hi everyone. We can confirm that the dropship models will be shipping in September. The Pelican models will be available to ship early September, and the Phantoms late September. If you have ordered one of each, we will ship them both together when they are available. We apologise for the delay, and for any inconvenience caused. To 3D print just one of the models takes over a week, which may help you to understand part of why they have been so delayed! These models are also the largest, and most ambitious models we have ever released, so we have put them through much more extensive production testing and tweaking than would normally be required. We promise they are worth the wait, and we hope you’ll agree!

It seems that the demand for all things HGC is still taking its toll in Shepton Mallet.