Gamer’s Haven Hosting 650pt FSA Tournament On Oct 3

Gamer's Haven logo.

Gamer’s Haven in Colorado Springs, CO, will host a Firestorm Armada tournament on Saturday, October 3.

This is a chance for experienced players to try out a new fleet, or for brand new players to learn to play in a fun and challenging environment! There’s no variety of experience like a tournament!
Start Time: Arrive at 10am, play by 10:30~!
$5 entry fee. Spartan has provided the following prizes and the entry fee will be used for additional prizes:
1st: 30 Pound gift certificate (~$45US)
2nd: 15 Pound gift certificate (~$23US)
3rd: 10 Pound gift certificate (~15US)
Fleets should be no more than 650pts (the pts in a typical Patrol Fleet box), and conform to Patrol Fleet construction rules.
Pairings will be swiss style, with random initial pairings.
Rounds will be 90 minutes.
Scenarios will be selected for each round.
Painting is highly encouraged.

If you’re free next Saturday and are in the area, why not head over for a day of FSA action? Thanks to Stephan H on Facebook for the heads-up.