Flashpoint Amber Kicks Off With Operation Medusa

Daedalus Station from Flashpoint Amber. Image credit: Spartan Games.

Spartan Games has posted a new entry in the official blog entitled Flashpoint Amber, which begins a new story arc in the Amber system of the Firestorm Galaxy, starting with The Medusa Offensive.

The post includes an introduction to the Amber system and why the warring factions are so interested in it, as well as a description of the system and a system map. You’ll also find a PDF which details the story leading up to Operation Medusa from the perspective of Charter Grand Admiral Pavel Novikoff of the Kurak Alliance.

Further on, there’s an updated rule for Mixed Cruiser Squadrons which will be of interest to Omnidyne admirals in particular. Oh, and earlier today, Spartan posted this image on Facebook.

Daedalus Station render. Image credit: Spartan Games.

A look at the Amber system from a Zenian perspective, as well as official scenarios, are due soon.