Firestorm Taskforce Tutorials From Spartan Games

Firestorm Taskforce rulebook art.

Spartan Games has begun a series of videos on the official YouTube channel that aim to teach you how to play Firestorm Taskforce. Spartan’s Neil Fawcett as well as Spartan Vanguard Dan Bird go through various mechanics in the game to show how they work on the table.

The first video focuses on how to move your ships around the table and shoot other ships that your fleet’s CO doesn’t like the look of! The second video in the series looks at boarding other ships, including how to assist with Wings, and bombing runs which also use Wings.

It’s great to see Spartan begin to upload content like this that helps people to learn the ins and out of their games. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to help support it and stay up to date with new uploads.