Firestorm Armada Wiki And Player Finder

A couple of exciting developments have happened in the Firestorm Armada community. First up, Oysterboy realised that Firestorm Armada didn’t have a wiki to call its own, so he started one! Several articles have already been added to the wiki, and FSA players are encouraged to fill in the gaps if something is missing, such as a faction or a ship type. The wiki can be disccused in this forum topic on the Spartan Games forums.

In addition, a Firestorm Armada player finder has also emerged, started by UbiquitousWookiee. This useful tool aims to map as many FSA players as possible, and the map is frequently updated. If you’d like to be added then head over to the forum thread on the Spartan forums and post a request.

Tools like these that help out the community are always welcome!

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