Firestorm Armada March 2015 Errata

Spartan Games has published a new Firestorm Armada errata PDF for March 2015. Like the previous document, the new errata covers the hardback rulebook and also changes a few things in the softcover rulebook, the hardback fleet guides and the Return of the Overseers scenario booklet.

Included in the changes are:

  • Directorate Eliminator and Judgement Class Battleships points cost reduced from 170 to 160 points
  • Works Raptor Oppressor Class Battlecruiser gains Difficult Target MAR, and gains Interdictor Class Torpedo Cruisers and Tyranny Class Corvettes accompaniment choices
  • Hawker Industries Regent Class Cruiser HP rating increased from 6 to 7
  • Hawker Industries Stalwart Class Escort SH rating reduced from 1 to 0

The hardcover rulebook errata was folded into the softcover book packed with Return of the Overseers, as well as the free PDF. A new rules PDF hasn’t been released yet, but should appear soon. The errata can be downloaded from the Spartan Games website. Thanks to Steven D for the heads-up.